Things like expensive instruments and recording materials can certainly improve your music career, but no money can buy an artist’s talent and willingness to work. There are free and inexpensive things that musicians can access every day that they can do to change their career in a tremendous way. Here are three of them:

Create realistic, long-term and short-term goals

It is not only very important, it is also free for musicians who want to continue their careers. Your music career will not grow and prosper until you know what you really want. Make a list of huge goals, make sure you do not limit yourself in any way. Things like “get signed by my favorite label,” and “quit my Job to pursue full-time music” fits here. Then make a much broader list of short-term goals and Benchmarks that you need to achieve your big career goals. Things like:” Game 50 Shows of the year “and” the release of two EPs in June ” fit here. By not only setting your dreams, but also the things you need to do to get there, prepare yourself for progress by planning so that you are on the way to achieving your Great Goals.

Stick to a strict schedule for music making – no matter what

Here is another completely free but extremely useful thing that any musician can do to continue his career. By creating and maintaining a weekly schedule of music creation, you will get closer to your goals through consistent work. If you’re like most mature people, you’re probably incredibly busy. Everything from your relationships to online distractions to the things you do in your life to make money has the potential to distract you from your music. Sticking to a schedule is so powerful because it requires you to be successful by prioritizing the music. There are times when artists get seemingly random inspiration for their music while driving or at the dentist, but the biggest advance you’ll ever make as a musician is when you set the time to focus on your work. If you are skeptical, try to devote a few blocks of time a week to creating music for a month and write down the results afterwards. Making music can repeat, write or produce with your Band, but nothing non-musical like marketing or booking Shows.

Listen to new music every day

Here is the only thing on this list that could cost money. Listening to new music every day, even if it’s just one or two Songs, can absolutely change your music career. This exercise will expand your musical taste and creative perspective. With a paid streaming subscription, a Video service or even live concerts, you can expose yourself to new music every day and get accurate information about what you think of it. If it’s awesome, why is it awesome? Reduce things like instrumentation, melody, chord structure, rhythm, Text and production. If you do not like it, show why it is so. What you discover through new music will inform energy and music philosophy about your own work.

The tips listed here are free or inexpensive to do, but that doesn’t make them easy. It takes work to start and support a music career. And although the predictability of these proposals may seem at odds with their creativity, they are actually designed to develop and liberate them.

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