Many musicians become blunt over time and reduce their musical ambitions for good reason. Music is a brutal industry, even for those who have experienced a certain degree of success. The story of a promising musician who embarks on a career just to get action again and again is something most musicians can refer to. But even though scaling plans, hopes and ideas in music often seems like the best practice, it can hurt your career.

Compromised creative processes lead to compromised results

Whether you write a few songs instead of making an entire album, or work on music a few hours a month instead of spending three hours a day as planned, your music will suffer if you compromise too much. If you are like most musicians, you probably have every reason in the world not to spend enough resources on your music, but the inevitable reality is that the artists who succeed today in music are almost always the ones who bring the work. If you think small when it comes to how much time and effort you put into your work, you probably won’t have rewarding creative results.

Money doesn’t have to be the “big” part of big thinking when it comes to your music, but time does. When you’re busy, one of the best things you can do for your music is learn how to give your work the time and attention it needs. For example, if you are a songwriter who only works when you feel inspired, try to think bigger by sticking to a schedule and writing music every day, even if it only takes half an hour.

Few risks mean few rewards

Risks, especially creative ones, are sometimes necessary to advance an artist and create new opportunities. But whether it’s a long tour or experimenting with new ways to play music, many musicians are simply not ready to pony up and take risks in their work. If your work seems stale or stuck to you, it may be because you feel too comfortable. I must mention that not all risks are worth it. Musicians can have real problems if they put everything in order because of their music and things do not go as planned. But if you are creative, when it comes to creating and presenting your music, you can give new life to your work, even if the end result is not exactly what you hoped for.

Thinking small in music does not allow you to grow

Not thinking big in music is a way to stay safe emotionally and financially, but it also limits almost everything in your work. Not all artists are supposed to (or want to) be a superstar, but some of the world’s greatest music wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for musicians who refuse to let go of their big ambitions. Significant success is different for each musician, but it will be difficult for them to succeed if they do not grow and change.

We like to think of success as a definable thing for musicians, but that’s absolutely not true. The goals and perspectives of each musician are completely different, but those who refuse to stop and minimize their work have the best Chance to do something meaningful with their music.

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