For most Bands, creating a clip is an opportunity to speak out, provide new content to their fans, and extend the life of a single or album. But somehow the first piece of it—to express itself—tends to get lost in the mix. What results from this tends to be an underproduced, poorly shot, boring music video that probably wasn’t very inexpensive, but also didn’t have much impact on anyone. Not really much of a win.

To avoid this disaster and create a clip that will have a lasting impact on your fans, we have put together some tips. Even if you have an incredibly DIY budget, these tips will always help make your next Video a success.

Think Of Your Favorite Videos

If in doubt, take a look at some of your favorite clips and ask yourself: What do I like about you? Likewise, when you do your research, pay attention to what you do not like in the various Videos. Try to get under the surface. It’s easy to say “oh, they had a huge budget” when you look at the Videos of Mainstream artists, but chances are it’s not what sets them apart. There is a certain feeling that the Video gives you. These are the colors. Narrative. People. The overall feeling of all this. Write down your likes and dislikes and then consider how you can integrate the same feelings, colors, dynamics, etc.into your own Video.

Creating a scenario

There is nothing more boring than a video clip that just puts the group in one place and plays their instruments. At this point, why even make a clip? There is a place for such things and it is usually produced in a Live Video by professionals (ideal for their EPK and booking Shows, but not really the same as a music video).

So you want to get creative and give your audience something to hold on to. Although this does not necessarily mean creating a narrative, it is a good starting point.

Ideally, it will go Hand in hand with the theme of your song, but I have also seen Videos that have nothing to do with the Song, and still have to do for an interesting watch. Play with a few ideas, direct them from people outside your group who are impartial (and not afraid to tell you what they think) and go from there.

Hiring a professional Team

There are many things you can do with a DIY budget, and this includes making a video clip. You don’t have to hire the most expensive video team in the city, but you should contact people who are able to properly film and edit the images, as well as direct them. You should have an understanding of what your vision is, while being able to bring your own ideas and suggestions to the table to take it to the next level. It’s a pretty important part of the process, so don’t skip it to save a few bucks.


Finding the perfect place for your Video can be one of the most difficult tasks, but it is also one of the most important. Once you have an understanding of your subject and feel that you are going for, you will be able to find a location that compliments this. Once you have it, do a few test sessions to make sure it looks the way you want it on the movie—Remember to test different times of the day and see what works best for your particular vision.

Invite Others

It’s really hard to have an exciting video clip when it’s just you and your Band standing around or Bop along with the rhythm of your own song. This is where other people come from.

When you make a narrative-style Video, you can engage local actors to portray your story. Quick tip: you can save money while highlighting emerging local talent by visiting local Colleges with theater programs or the local Theater itself.

Or maybe it’s the kind of Video that has a party scene, so invite a group of your friends and a few fans to join you (bonus with this: Fan engagement!). This is great fun because it allows fans to see you/your personality, but it also adds a whole different dynamic.

Have fun

This is not one of these latest COP style tips-it’s really incredibly important! If you feel all kinds of stress, this will appear in your Video. Try to remember why you are pursuing a career in this crazy industry (the connection, the feeling of making a difference, touching the lives of others, whatever it is) and why you are doing what you are doing. If you can convey this in your manners on screen and in the Video you present to the world, your fans will feel it, and it will be contagious.

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